The difference that a statement can make in the life of a man, woman, or child is nothing short of phenomenal.

Change your mind - change your life!

Sales Success

Sales success will come when your subconscious mind has adopted all the attitudes, and character traits that all successful sales people have.

What characteristics do successful sales people have? Well, that is the most important question isn't it? To see why the right characteristics are right let's look at a little known fact...

In truth, this interesting fact is very well known by consumers everywhere but only on an intuitive level. The fact is that most people - around 85% - regard sales people as dishonest, unethical, untrustworthy, and unreliable.



That bad, negative reputation has been earned. Sales people who want nothing more than to get your hard earned dollars transferred from your pocket to theirs in the shortest amount of time possible, have used any and every means to do just that.

Pretend that every single person you meet has a sign around his or her neck that says, ''Make me feel important.'' Not only will you succeed in sales, you will succeed in life.

- Mary Kay Ash

This kind of person doesn't see a customer as a person of value in and of themselves they just see the customer as a source of revenue. Most people know this at a gut level. Who would trust someone who just wants your cash?

The huge part of the population that has a very low opinion of sales people has obviously met a large number of that kind of sales person. If you want huge sales genius -- you must not be that kind of sales person. You have to be different...

Character is Everything

The only way to get people to see you as honest, ethical, trustworthy, and reliable is to be honest, ethical, trustworthy, and reliable. Taking an honest look at your own character is a tough thing to do -- do you have what it takes? Can you look at yourself and admit that you have not always been honest, ethical, trustworthy, and reliable?

If you can look at yourself and see the need for change you've come to the right place. Here's why...

The only way you're going to change your character as a person, as a sales person, is to change your mind. The only way you're going to change your mind is to reprogram your mind. How do you reprogram your mind? With affirmations. Would you like to short-cut your mind reprogramming efforts? You can -- with affirmations combined with entrainment.

Here are ten sales skills that you can program your mind with that will give you the edge -- that will communicate to your customer that you are honest, ethical, reliable, and trustworthy...

Sales Success Principles

Principle #1: Shut up and listen.

It's not about you, it's not about your product, it's not about your service, and more than anything it's not about your sales pitch.

Keep it personal, keep it real. Introduce your self but avoid the biography. Get to the point as quickly as you can -- what does your client need?

Principle #2: Sell with questions, not answers.

It's all about benefit. How are you going to benefit your customer? They want you to appreciate them and think highly of them. The way to do that is ask questions -- lots of questions.

The customer will throw up his defensive shields if s/he feels like s/he is being 'sold' for even a micro-second.

Sales Success principle #3: Show the same courtesy to your client as you would to a first date.

Be curious about your customer -- find out what product or service they're already using. Find out what the client really wants. Is it price? Reliability? Speed? What?

Remember you're trying to find out what your prospect needs so your questions should be aimed at uncovering need.

Sales Success principle #4: Communicate with your client just like you would with your peers, friends, and family.

Sales patter, clichés, sales type speech patterns will guarantee you'll lose the sale.

Sales Success principle #5: Pay close attention to what your prospect isn't saying.

Don't get so caught up in the sale that you forget that you're dealing with another human. Perhaps they have some basic needs like a drink, something to eat, a bathroom, or perhaps they are pressed for time -- pay attention.

Sales Success principle #6: Field questions with a short concise answer and move on.

It isn't about you it's about whether your product or service is right for the client. If it isn't tell them so. They'll appreciate your honesty.

Sales Success principle #7: Offer nothing to your client until the client indicates that you truly understand their need.

Know who you're dealing with BEFORE trying to figure out what to say. Avoid being so caught up with your next statement that you miss what your client is saying. Remember customers are intuitive -- they *know* when you're not really listening.

Sales Success principle #8: Unless you are a seminar speaker never ever launch into a 2 hour product seminar.

Rambling will lose your customer -- K.I.S.S it. Keep it simple stupid.

Principle #9: Ask your client if there are any objections to taking the next logical step.

Once you have gained a solid understanding of your client you can communicate that understanding to them -- this will create a relationship of trust and rapport. Now you're ready to make the connection between your product or service and their need.

Principle #10: Ask your client to take some kind of action -- ask for the sale!

Finish with a polished 'close' and ...

you lose.

You do not want your client to think he's dealing with a sales person your sales success depends on your client relating to you as another fellow human on life's grand journey. If you can do all this.. you're well on your way to becoming one of the few, one of the sales success geniuses.

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