The difference that a statement can make in the life of a man, woman, or child is nothing short of phenomenal.

Change your mind - change your life!

What are affirmations? They are DYNAMITE!

What are affirmations? The definition of an affirmation is here: definition.

But affirmations are way more - much more - than positive statements. Affirmations can be positive or negative. They can be used to create or they can be used to destroy. They can make you or break you. They can bring you success or they can bring you failure.

The Answer:

Affirmations are the bricks and mortar with which you will build your new personality, your new character, your new YOU!

- You would like a new you - wouldn't you?

If you think you are beaten, you are;
If you think you dare not, you dont;
If youd like to win, but think you cant,
Its almost a cinch you wont
If you think youll lose, youre lost,
For out in the world we find
Success begins with a fellows will;
Its all in the state of the mind.
If you think youre outclassed, you are;
Youve got to think high to rise.
Youve got to be sure of yourself before
You can ever win a prize.
Lifes battles dont always go
To the stronger or faster man;
But soon or late the man who wins
Is the man who thinks he can.

- Walter D. Wintle

Negative affirmations are mental plaque. They stick to the walls of your mind. They are the dry-rot and mildew of your thoughts.

Negative affirmations will keep you trapped. They will leave you ineffective. They will rob you of the radical success you so richly deserve.

Positive affirmations are the DYNAMITE that blows away bad thought habits, they are BRICKS for building new, strong, solid, effective thought habits. Positive affirmations will take you to places you didn’t dream possible. Positive affirmations will bring you radical success.

The truth is you have been using affirmations your entire life. What are affirmations?

Affirmations are the chief way that you got to be you!

Your parents spoke affirmations to you, your teachers spoke them to you, your brothers and sisters, grandparents, Sunday school teachers, friends, enemies all spoke affirmations into your life.

Most importantly, YOU have been saying affirmations to yourself your entire life. You will continue to say affirmations to yourself until you leave this world.

Some of those affirmations are out and out lies – yes, that’s right, lies. "You are such a klutz", or "You'll never amount to anything." Sound familiar?

Some of them were extremely negative in tone. Some were neutral and some were positive. How you deal with statements others have spoken to you has determined and shaped your character.

The affirmations you accepted and acted on have determined your success and your ability to succeed.

Who is in control?

Why let others determine your character? You can take control, you can be in charge, you can master your mind and your future with the proper use of affirmations.

You’re going to be saying things to yourself about yourself for the rest of your life. It makes good sense to say encouraging, uplifting, success producing, empowering words doesn’t it?

What are affirmations? Well, the core of the apple is this: you are what you think.

  • The Bible says: "As a man thinks, so he is"
  • Earl Nightingale said: “We become what we think about”
  • Bruce Lee said: “As you think, so shall you become”
  • Marcus Aurelius said: “ …our life is what our thoughts make it.”
  • Vergil said: “They can because they think they can.”
  • Emerson said: “A man is what he thinks about all day.”
  • What are affirmations? Affirmations have also been called ‘auto-suggestions’. Auto suggestion can also be called self-suggestions.

    Whatever you call them -- these statements are words and sentences that are designed to fly like arrows into the deepest, most mysterious, depths of your mind.

    Into the hidden recesses they fly till they will find their target and embed themselves forever - or until you root them out.

    The target is your subconscious mind. It is there in the mysterious world of the subconscious where affirmations become your automatic habitual thoughts.

    What is your target? Would you like to be:

  • Free from depression
  • Motivated
  • Self-Confident
  • At your ideal weight
  • An exercise nut
  • A better sales person
  • Free from anxiety attacks
  • A healthy eater
  • A goal getting tornado
  • Calm
  • Organized
  • Tobacco free
  • (your wish here).....
  • All these issues and more can be targeted and addressed with affirmations.

    Now you are able to answer the question: What are affirmations?

    Now that you know what affirmations are, wouldn't you like to know how to use affirmations to achieve success in any part of your life?

    It's up to You!

    Now you have the answer to the question-

    what are affirmations?

    Now it's up to you to use them and change your life. Only you can make the change, only you can keep pressing the 'play' button, only you can decide to grow, improve, learn and enjoy radical success.

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